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Game360 is an Italian company based in Rome, active in the field of game development.

Game360 develops games on any platform including smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS and Android included), Internet-enabled TV and consoles. Every single Game360 product is designed and developed internally, follows strong development procedures and is certificated by the most important EVA (certification institutes) at European level.

This attention to detail and focus on user experience lets Game360 have products with a high return on investment (95% RTP of casinos) unique in it's kind.

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Game360 is convinced that in order to achieve excellent results, it is necessary to invest in people, letting them enhance their expertice and knowledge needed to perform the job well.

Candidates may send their CVs to:



We are looking for the following roles:

Systems Analist Linux/Windows SSI

The candidate will have to manage, independently, the company's server farm, as well as taking care of the development of software platforms back-end components.

It is required, furthermore, passion and interest in working with innovative technologies.

  • Administration (installation, configuration, tuning and monitoring) of Microsoft operating systems and, optionally Unix/Linux
  • Administration (installation, configuration, tuning and monitoring) of MySQL database and, optionally Microsoft SQLServer
  • Application of Vulnerability Assessment
  • monitoring systems based on Nagios

Sound Designer

We are looking for an audio Designer to work with multidisciplinary teams for the sound design of digital games. Game audio, post production, surround mixing and music production.

3D Animator

We are looking for a 3D Animator for the design of charachters and storyboards for videogames.

  • Creates all type of animations in regards to the technical and artistic requirements based on provided briefing information
  • Prepare animations for in-game usage and export them in the appropriate format
  • Communicates with the other animators and establishes workflows and processes
  • Tests and tweaks animations in the game


Via E. Turba 1
00195 Roma

Tel: +39 06 69767511

Fax: +39 06 69767555

Email: info@game360.it

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