Game360 has been founded by Andrea Guzzon and Piero Itta, two professionals who have decided to join their ten-year experience and expertise in the gaming, mobile and entertainment industries.

foto Andrea Guzzon

Andrea Guzzon

Andrea Guzzon, 37 years old, entrepreneur.

He founded Game360 in 2011, creating the first mobile gambling company made-in-Italy. He led the company with success until its acquisition by NYX Gaming Group in 2015. He is currently in charge as managing director.

He has more than ten years of experience, mostly dedicated to starting up new business ventures, Andrea Guzzon is specialized in business development, Innovation Strategy and Digital Entertainment.

Skills: Vision to execution, start-ups, entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, digital entertainment, strategic Investments, product management, monetization of digital properties.

foto Alessandro De Losa

Piero Itta

Piero has brought Game360 his wide consulting experience in gaming and gambling industry, creating a strong network of partnerships and alliances for the Company.

Piero is based in Milan (Italy) and is actually in charge of commercial strategies and operations.