Game360 offers a complete gaming solution including a wide range of native, high quality casino slots and table games for iOS and Android both developed for smartphone and tablet with an extensive back-office management system for reporting and in-app communications.

casino mobile Game360

360 CASINO Mobile is a turn-key solution that is easily integrated into any accounting platform and can be configured using many languages and currencies.

360 CASINO Mobile incudes all needed thecnoloogy to personalize, distribute and monetize players through mobile devices. Every mobile game is developed using NATIVE programming code. Mobile clients are developed in a very customer oriented way and taking advantage of technical functionality of any device in order to give to users a high-level gaming experience.

Game360’s mobile gaming products are compatible with the latest high-end smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Every game is developed using the latest technology and is designed based on extensive analysis of mobile-user experience.

Games combine a high level of winning feeling with a profitable 95% Return To Player (RTP).

360 CASINO Mobile’s back-end provides all the necessary data needed for the analysis and monitoring of the mobile business, as well as advanced tools for promoting the product over mobile channel. It includes push messages, in-app advertising, versions upgrade management, advanced reporting, ad-hoc player comunications.

Build exclusive offering

The 360 CASINO Mobile is the fastest way to move your existing web games to mobile. Through 360 Casino it is possible to build new mobile game with ease as well as use platforms to bring to mobile existing web games in the shortest possible time.

Game360 can support operators to enter in mobile arena in short time by using 360 CASINO Mobile and Game360’s professionalist consulting services.

The 360 CASINO Mobile™ Platform is designed for:

  • One product many games
  • In-Game communication as well as push system tools
  • Product fully customizable
  • New games downloadable directly from the client
  • Client available for smartphone and tablet
  • Real “native” application for: iOS and Android