360 CASINO Platform is a complete casino platform including a wide range of games and cutting-edge technology on an open platform for integration with operators' websites whether offered online or mobile.

The platform is entirely self made and proprietary. Game360 develops using the latest technology, 3D graphics and animations, continuously introducing new and innovative features, functions and game ideas.

Games combine a high level of winning feeling with a profitable 95% Return To Player (RTP).

Game360’s Casino solution comprises a complete suite of casino games and a powerful back office system. Similar to a banking system, the back office of a casino is where all financial transactions are handled. This places particular requirements on the reliability, security and availability of the systems and on the infrastructure which is a key focus area.

In addition Game360 provides the majority of its customers with support, hosting and monitoring services ensuring a safe and reliable operation allowing the operators to focus on their core business. As the industry and market matures the requirements for availability and uptime steadily increase. As a consequence Game360 has the latest IT infrastructure including fully redundant systems.

360casino system architecture

The 360 CASINO Platform is designed for:

  • Modularity Platform is built using several modules to guarantee maximum flexibility in features developing and upgrading.
  • Scalability Each server instance is autonomous and an increased player base is handled by scaling horizontally (i.e. by creating a cluster of servers).
  • Ease of use For all users, players, operators and developers.