We believe that responsible gaming is the fundamental element of the activity of a gaming software supplier, as well as of a gambling operator.

Game360 is particularly sensitive to this subject aiming at the protection of the customer and of the most vulnerable categories.

Legal gaming, responsible and completely safe, this is the strongest commitment always sought and obtained by Game360 during the design, development, installation and configuration of its platforms and products.

Regulatory consumer protection

  • Empowering age check processes and technology to protect minors and at-risk individuals
  • Promoting on the communications side the responsible gaming in a safe environment
  • Safeguarding players’ rights, also by listening to user’s feedbacks and suggestions
  • Ensuring the full reliability of games and gaming devices supported
  • Protecting online casino games completely free from any possible criminal activity, such as money laundering



  • Design and develop products and platforms applying Regulatory Authority (AAMS) to create a balanced and responsible legal gaming
  • Offer our customers (Gambling Operators) the best tools to always monitor their compliance to Responsible Gaming
  • Reach the widest audience while communicating Responsible Gaming on every channel and tool supported


  • Assist users in making a conscious and informed choice before start playing
  • Provide the broadest range of platforms and products that satisfy all targets in order to prevent unfair competition from illegal gaming
  • Ensure integrity and security of every gaming processes and gaming infrastructures
  • Discourage excessive gaming conducts and events that may harm the consumer's own interest or his family’s and friends’
  • Cooperate with stakeholders and particularly with Gaming Authorities, Gamers Associations etc. to build a the safest and most secure responsible gaming environment
  • Protect consumer groups particularly vulnerable because of age, personal conditions and/or social standing
  • Promote studies, focus groups, researchs to increase knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon, ensuring social dissemination of information
  • Provide suitable training levels on responsible gaming to all employees
  • Ensure the continuous presence of informations regarding customer centers, help lines, associations and public and private structures for gamers' orientation and counseling.

Even though Game360 has no direct contact with the individual player, who is customer of Game360’s customer, the Company works close cooperation with Gambling Operators to prevent any gaming-related problems, and to immediately offer any possible support in case of gaming abuse.

Game360’s gaming platforms allow end users – the players – to limit their playing by siply managing their personal back end interface (user account). This configuration is always respected across all Game360 Platforms, and prevents any possible addictiveness while playing.

The system can also be configured defining a standardised amount of time that must pass between two different gaming sessions, on the same game or on different games.

Customers can feel secure that every Game360 platform and game meets these requirements, and respects regolatory rules.

Game360’s games and platform are also tested for randomness by independent accredited testing agencies such as NMI and Quinel (EVA), and that this is a minimun basic requirement to be approved on the italian market as official gaming software supplier.