Game360 ensures total fairness for every player during the use of its platforms and products, regardless of channel and/or device of gaming.

As part of the certification process conducted by EVA, Game360 games and the Game360 software engines are continuously tested to guarantee fair play.

As a key part of its software infrastructure, Game360 has developed its own and proprietary Random Number Generator (RNG), following the production of random numbers standards.

The RNG operates at a high level of randomness to make sure all our players have the same chance of winning while playing, and so online players are assured of complete fairness.

Generation of random numbers is managed by a common library which follows the basic algorithms presented in the publication “NumericalRecipes: the Art of Scientific Computing”, third edition.

This algorithms, known as “multiply with carry”, has been developed by Prof. George Marsiglia of Florida University.

Game360 gaming software’s Random Number Generator (RNG) has been certified by QUINEL to be fair and random through mathematical and statistical analysis in accordance with the strict standards of regulated jurisdictions such as Italy.

QUINEL Labs has tested and certified the following for our RNG:

  • Randomness tests applying Marsaglia’s “diehard” suite of tests, to ensure the numbers generated by the RNG algorithm are statistically coherent.
  • Scaling tests have been conducted for the slots game, Roulette games and scratch cards.
  • Shuffling tests have been conducted for single deck (without joker and one joker), 4 deck, 6 deck and 8 deck card games. The shuffling algorithm is used to ensure a truly random deck.

The randomness, scaling, and shuffling tests have been conducted on large samples, to give the calculations a large statistical power.

The certified code for the RNG has been fingerprinted.